Complete string set - Semi Grand - 46 Strings

Complete string set - Semi Grand - 46 Strings

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Includes 10% discount off complete pedal string sets.

A full 46 string set with:

  • Wires from 7th octave D up to 5th octave G
  • Bow Brand Gut or Bow Brand Burgundy strings from 5th octave A up to 3rd octave E
  • Bow Brand Gut, Bow Brand Burgundy, or Nylon strings from 2nd octave F up to 2nd octave E
  • Nylon strings from 1st octave F up octave 0 G
Bow Brand Burgundy strings are slightly cheaper than the Bow Brand Gut strings, made from the same material by the same manufacturer, but with some imperfections.

Example harps:

  • Lyon and Healy
    • Style 15
    • Style 17
    • Style 22
    • Style 2000 SG
  • Salvi
    • Arion
    • Daphne 46